Cancer Situations

It’s a great pleasure to write these words on behalf of Dr. George Wong, to whom I owe my life. I am a 77 yr old retired internist who back in 1997, had metastatic melanoma that was considered inoperable. My physicans estimated that I had 2-3 months to live. When during my initial examination with Dr. Wong he looked up and declared “I can help you” I was sceptical, but decided I had nothing to lose by availing myself of his herbs. Within weeks my spinal fluid, until then filled with tumor cells and high protein had entirely cleared. After 2 years he suggested I stop the herbs and today, fourteen years later, I consider myself cured.

Over the years I’ve referred many patients with a variety of disorders to Dr. Wong, and have repeatedly been been amazed by his exceptional diagnostic skills and ability to help others by prescribing carefully selected herbs. These unusual skills combined with great compassion and honesty make him an extraordinary healer and rare human being.

Nicholas V. Steiner, MD

2001 when I gave a talk to the American Cancer Society’s Eastern Division Asian Initiative meeting in New Jersey. Dr. Wong was there to help answer questions. The gentleman to the right was the translator.

I met Dr. George Wong at the San Antonio Breast Cancer conference of 1998. At that time I was suffering from recurrent, and what had been called stage IV breast cancer due to chest wall tumors. He told me that he thought he could help me and would like to try. I was aware of the value of acupuncture but had no idea about Chinese herbs. By April 1999 I felt that enough was enough. I had just developed my 25th tumor. I called Dr. Wong, first having an MRI to show where the cancer currently was – it confirmed a 3.5cm ‘area of involvement’. He met with me and ended up giving me an herbal prescription. I made the tea and after drinking it, got hives all over my body. I was very frightened by this, but within 3 days it was obvious that I had received a health benefit. My very severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity had changed symptoms and reduced intensity by what I thought of as 60%. No longer would I have to take to my bed after smelling something that troubled me. I now had a mild headache that went away in moments, rather than days.

March 2011 Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference where Dr. Wong has donated his time to meet with people with cancer at no or low cost.

I started taking the herbs again some weeks later, not even willing to stop when Dr. Wong suggested I could. I did KNOW that I had not developed a single new tumor during that time. By 2001 I took another MRI. The doctor viewing it called me at home to inquire why I had such an unusual test. After my explanation she hung up and called me back an hour later stating that she saw NOTHING. I waited to be told by my own breast surgeon whom I met with on September 12, 2001 (the day after 9/11). It was quite a strange time. She told me what I needed to hear – that I was clear of cancer. I left her office and began crying as I stood out on the street. I could see the plume of smoke from what had been the World Trade Center. People began consoling me, but inside I was saying “I am going to live”!

Ann E. Fonfa
President and Founder of Annie Appleseed Project

Dr. George Wong and My Father

In the winter of 1999, my father, at the age of 93, was diagnosed with inoperable and untreatable lung cancer. His persistent cough was debilitating and he, a usually energetic man for his age, was weak and exhausted.

The first thing I did upon hearing this diagnosis was to call Dr. George Wong, whom I had met through a breast cancer patient of his years before.

Dr. Wong immediately offered to come to New Hampshire to evaluate my father’s condition, which he did within the week. After Dr. Wong returned to N.Y.C., he arranged for his prescribed herbs to be sent to us in New Hampshire. Following Dr. Wong’s instructions, I cooked the herbs daily and had my father drink the extract, once in the morning and once in the early evening. Within a month or two, my father’s cough had almost disappeared and he felt a great deal better in general.

My father continued drinking the herbal extract until the day he died of heart failure, more than one year after the cancer diagnosis. He was actually in better health when he died than he had been for years, which amazed and please all of us.

I requested an autopsy, which was performed at Dartmouth Medical Center. The results surprised the pathologist, who noted

  1. that the tumor appeared to be much smaller than when it was originally detected in a CT scan that had been taken the year before and
  2. that the remaining tumor was completely enclosed in isolating tissue.

While the pathologist could find no known (to him) cause for the unusual behavior of the tumor, this result was exactly what Dr. Wong had predicted would happen through his herbal treatment.

Susan Blader
Associate Professor of Chinese
Language & Literature
Dartmouth College
March 19, 2012

Dr. George Y.C. Wong and the Cheneys

Dr. George Wong consulted with my late wife, Marijayne, on the use of traditional Chinese herbal medicine in treating breast and lung cancer. This herbal/nutrition regimen spanned about four years after conventional Western protocols were exhausted. Based on what I observed, I believe the treatment prolonged her life and allowed her to have a better quality of life with no major restrictions.

Peter A Cheney
Retired Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
National Re Corporation

Laurie Mezzalingua

In 2001 my daughter learned that her breast cancer had metastasized to her liver. A friend told her that she had to see George Wong, a master herbalist. After checking her visually and listening to her pulse he was able to prescribe herbs that targeted the tumor, within a few months there was no sign of the liver met, through his herbs he also strengthened her bones. He continued to treat her and gave her a productive fulfilled quality of life for several years without chemotherapy or radiation.

I have also been under Dr. Wong’s care, most recently eradicating my bronchitis, he has also checked my osteoporosis with his strong bone herbs. Whatever other ailment I have, lack of energy, sleep issues, George prescribes herbs which are prepared in the form of a tea which I take twice a day, I visit him on a regular basis so he can assess my condition and tweak my herb mixture.

Kathleen Mezzalingua

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. George Wong for ten years since I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. Following my surgery and conventional treatment, I started taking a special tea to boost my immune system, a tea prescribed by Dr. Wong. I boil the selected herbs and prepare the “tea” as per Dr. Wong.

In addition, he has given me the advice to take reishi mushrooms. With this post-op regimen, I have been disease-free to date and, of course, for this I am very grateful to Dr. Wong.


Contrary to conventional wisdom, I sincerely believe lung cancer patients have an effective alternative treatment option with Chinese herbal medicine. Diagnosed in 2006 with adenocarcinoma of the lung with metastasis to the hilar area, I underwent a combination of oral chemotherapy and alternative medicine. The chemo caused horrendous physical side effects and subsequently a surgical resection was performed. Within two years the cancer came returned. Again oral chemo was tried; this doubled the cancer and I nearly died from its effects. Refusing any other chemo I was sent home.

In 2009 I most thankfully met Dr. George Wong. He is a gentle caring man, concerned for the welfare of his patients and most of all a master herbalist, He never promised a cure but rather knew he could stabilize or control the cancer without the devastating effects caused by chemo. Under his care I continued to live an active and healthy lifestyle for four years. Now in the fifth year, I have developed pleural effusion (fluid in the lung lining) which required draining regularly. Focusing on this problem the addition of new herbs has now eliminated any future need for further draining, I am so grateful I am under his care.

My purpose in writing is not to acknowledge my deep appreciation for Dr. Wong and his healing herbs but to inform other cancer patients of the efficacy of this gentle alternative treatment. Most importantly, at least for me, is to assure the reader negative side effects have never been an issue.

Stanfordville, NY

In 2010 I was told I had a breast cancer metastasis in my liver. I had originally had breast cancer in 2001, had a lumpectomy and radiation and went on with my life. However, being told you are now stage 4 is a life changer to be sure. Through research and talking with my doctors I learned there are limited drug therapies to administer at this stage. Each drug will last only so long and then fail, so you move to the next, until you run out of options. I became very interested in learning all I could about complementary and alternative therapies that I could embrace in addition to my drug therapies. I learned about Dr. Wong’s work through a lymphedema therapist, and I just happened to be going to NY shortly thereafter, so I set up a meeting for while I was there. During that meeting Dr. Wong thoroughly reviewed my medical records, asked many questions, and said he thought he could help me with his herbs. His lifelong work combining knowledge of Western cancer research and Eastern herbal medicine provides a unique whole body approach to disease treatment that so inspired me also. I was definitely willing to give the herbs a try! I’ve been taking Dr. Wong’s herbs since September 2011 and will continue to do so. The PET/CT scan at that time showed a mass greater than 6×5 cm in my liver, it was not small. As of June 2012, 9 months later, the new PET/CT scan shows NED – No Evidence of Disease! This was just amazing news. I feel I now have a future to manage and I have Dr,. Wong to thank for that!

Nancy little
San Ramon, CA

This letter is to endorse the skill and expertise of Dr. George Wong. I have been a patient of Dr. Wong since September 2010. I was introduced to him after being diagnosed with stage III metastatic melanoma. Dr. Wong’s expertise in both Western and Chinese medicine has been, without a doubt, a major factor in my recovery.

Conventional treatments, including immunotherapy, proved unsuccessful. I was informed that given my stage and diagnosis, there were no treatments conventional medicine could provide. It was then that I turned to Dr. Wong to take the lead role in my treatment. Within weeks after initiating his prescribed protocol (Chinese herbs and diet), both my physical condition and state of mind began to improve.

Since then, I have never looked back. There has been no evidence of disease since Dr. Wong took over nearly three years ago. I take no medication to treat my cancer other than Dr. Wong’s herbs and other medicines he prescribes. He relies on Western technology and Eastern medicine; a brilliant combination.

I consider his expertise in both Eastern and Western medicines to be exemplary. And I continue, by choice, to have him prescribe herbs that help in every facet of my life. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Wong for treatment of melanoma or any other medical condition in which he professes expertise.

Evan Katz, M.C., LPC, MAC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Master addition Counselor
Sandy Springs GA

Re your wish to help your patients, I’ll never forget the care and compassion you gave to my friend Eric before his death, 3 years ago. It was so exceptional that it earned you my eternal appreciation.
Best regards,

Beatriz Bugni
New York, NY

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2008 at the age of 55. Most of 2009 was spent going through surgery, chemo and radiation. While being administered chemo, I had an allergic reaction and began to asphyxiate. As a result, that evening I had a neurological seizure, was hospitalized for 6 days and lost my short-term memory for 6 weeks. I chose to discontinue the chemotherapy and opted for radiation and medication.

In August of 2011 I went to see my doctor and have a PET scan done because I had a lot of back and bone pain and was feeling weak and sick. Metastatic breast cancer to the bone was suspected and after many, many tests, it was confirmed. The type of treatment offered to me by medical oncologists was of great concern as I did not fare well with chemistry and I feared the side effects. A dear friend of mine, also a breast cancer survivor, recommended I see Dr. George Wong, a fourth generation herbalist, as breast and metastatic breast cancer were two of the many areas of his concentration, experience and success.

I met with Dr. Wong in November of 2011. At that point in time I was in a lot of pain, my bones hurt, my joints hurt, I had trouble walking and had shortness of breath. It was hard for me to make it up a flight of steps without breaking into a sweat and gasping for air. I slept poorly as every time I moved, the pain in my bones would wake me. I was very discouraged and at the point of resigning myself to a shortened life of misery.

Dr Wong examined me, told me he could help me and prescribed an herbal regimen for my particular condition. He also told me not to expect better right away. I was told the effect of the herbs would take 5-6 weeks. Five weeks into the regimen I slept for 7 hours straight, sat up on my own and made my way down a flight of steps without help. I thought I was dreaming.

Here I am one year later, feeling so much better, pain free, leading an active and normal life. I was able to complete school and graduated with a degree in paralegal studies. In the spring of 2012 I was able to practice and race again with my Empire Dragon Boat Team, a paddleboat team of breast cancer survivors in New York City.
The cancer is stable but Dr. Wong’s goal is to cure the cancer, not just stabilize it. It is work in progress…so far so good.

Thank you, Dr. Wong for helping me get my life back.

Chryse Glackin
Tappan, NY


Chris Stamp, original manager of the British rock group The WHO, and a healer

My husband, Chris Stamp, chose to put himself in the capable hands of Dr. George Wong after researching multiple options for colo-rectal and liver cancer . An initial mass had been successfully removed by laparoscopy (Dr. Barry Salky) and after a healthy and happy year had gone by, another mass showed up. The surgery option was risky and grim, he was advised by his medical team and surgeon to avoid it.

George was introduced to us on the road to researching new paths of healing. After his first meeting with George, my husband said “I feel like I have come home”, it was instant trust, chemistry, admiration and love Chris reported. The next two years were challenging yet brought hope and excitement with new treatments and Chinese Medicine. Chris went to Beijing, China for a month with Dr. Wong, to do the wonderful HIFU treatments that indeed successfully removed the 10 cm large tumor in the colon. A medical miracle! Because the tumor blocked the colon, a metal stent was inserted there to allow more space, that became an instrument of torture for Chris, most people report the hardships of a stent (we did not know nor researched enough) and it started piercing the skin..In the Hospital, doctors said it could not be removed as tissue may grow around it and other reasons. An SOS call to George, who showed up and used a mix of herbs, physics and ancient wisdom and Chris released the stent!

My beloved husband transitioned on November 24th, 2012, in the most beautiful way, surrounded with Love. Almost one year later, I am writing to say that all that could be done was done, and as we feel, he left his body clear of the “Karma” or baggage of a tumor or a stent or toxins, his body had been detoxified at many levels with herbs and love.

I will always feel grateful for George Wong for his unconditional support and willingness to re-evaluate and create new treatments on this journey. Dr. Barry Salky was also our hero, we were blessed with a great team. Chris saw death as a door opening to coming home to Spirit, he prepared himself the past 25 years, Dr. Wong helped him and I support the journey of healing and transition so beautifully. Blessed Be.

Calixte Stamp

Our mom had Inflammatory Breast Cancer (the deadliest of all Breast cancers) and we thought her only chance was a clinical trial. We considered trials at Anderson, SKCC, Duke, Dana Faber, Mayo, and decided that the most promising one was at the NIH (conducted by Dr. Sandra Swain). Our mom did well with chemotherapy at first (under old drugs Doxorubicin, Doxetaxel, and new ones Avastin, Xeloda, Gemcitabine, Navelbine, surgery and radiation) but the cancer spread to her lungs, and pleural effusions had to be drained by sticking a very thick long needle through her back. The second time this was done, her lungs collapsed. The NIH told us we had reached the end of the road. Lung experts conducting gene trials at UPENN could not help. We went to Paris, France to get a drug, not available in the US. Eventually, we came to see Dr. Wong, and he took care of her lungs, with no pain and no side effects , in a week! To anyone reading this, we completely understand if you will also need to circle the world seeking the most promising treatments, but come see Dr, Wong first.  Dr. Wong might not be able to cure you, but unlike the treatments you will be offered at the most prestigious cancer centers which cause irreversible damage, he does no harm. Our mom died from a known chemotherapy side effect: heart failure.

Dear Dr. Wong, thank you always, for treating my mom when no one else could.

The Montano Family
Norfolk, Virginia

I went for my monthly check up with Dr, Formanek and Falsodex injection. My CBC was normal. Dr. Formanek said that in all his years of practice he has never seen anyone recover from my type of prognosis the way I have. He calls it a miracle and said that if western medicine paid more attention to eastern medicine we would probably see more of this. Amen.

Richmond, VA

Dr Borgen said your formulas are as good or better than any allopathic meds. He spoke very highly of you. He does not recommend surgery for me. My liver and ribs have not been hurting for the past 4 days.

Valatie, NY

The single most frightening and surreal moment of my life was learning I had breast cancer. It was as if the ground beneath my feet had turned to quick sand. Throughout my diagnosis, surgeries and radiation, Dr. Wong was a calm, clear voice of realistic hope. His knowledge of both Western and Chinese medicine makes for a unique perspective in cancer treatment that greatly helped my decision making process. His herbs helped me heal far more quickly from the surgeries, and minimized the debilitating side effects of radiation. I continue to take his prescriptions daily to balance the side effects of Tamoxifen. Thank you, Dr. Wong for helping me over this most challenging time.

Carol Conn
New York, NY

Dr. Wong I wish I had met you early on being diagnosed with CLL leukemia because you had thre WBC slowing down and my mental health rising.

Taking the herbs you sent me gave me back more of myself than I have in 14 years. Everybody around me noticed and commented on how much healthier and happy I was once I stared the herbs.

Without the herbs I feel sick, lost and empty. I hope you can find a way to send some herbs. Thank you for all your help and attention.

Mont Vernon, NH

We saw Dr. Levy for check up yesterday. The tumor in the lung has shrunken from 10 to 7.5 cm. Dr. Levy was very satisfied with results and said that he did not expect it and that you are a brilliant man.

We really appreciate what you are doing for Simon. And what is important for us is that Simon is feeling well and functioning normally. Thanks a lot for your care.

Irina and Simon
Brooklyn, NY

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2010 at 43 years old. It was soon discovered that it had metastasized to my liver. I felt like a million bucks, was completely asymptomatic and looked great. I was in shock that something so dangerous could be lurking inside of me when I was so “healthy”.

So I began my journey navigating the world of western medicine and all the various options. My cancer was estrogen and progesterone positive and HER2 negative so instead of doing Chemo first and take aromatase inhibitors afterwards, I decided to have my ovaries removed thus reducing the production of estrogen. This tactic was a success for 18 months. I went to meet with Dr. Wong during these 18 months. I have always practiced Eastern medicine through acupuncture, herbs and the like. Meditation is a part of my spiritual practice on a daily basis. At this point I felt it was essential that I find someone who could support me with Eastern medicine and practices.

I found Dr. George Wong through a friend and I called him immediately. When we first met, he listened to my story, he took my pulses and then I listened to him and his vast knowledge about breast cancer and he told me that herbs could really support me. I intuitively knew I found the right person. A true sense of calm and hope washed over me and I knew I had been guided to him. Dr. Wong’s herbs have supported me these past 2.5 years. I have been on the aromatase inhibitor, Femara and I am now on Tamoxifen. The tumor in my breast shrunk enough for me to have a lumpectomy. Dr. Wong has adjusted my herbs to help my overall health. There is no trace of cancer in my breast and the tumors in my liver continue to shrink.

Dr. Wong is always available when I have questions and both he and my oncologist work together to take care of my health. The combination of Eastern and Western medicine has been the perfect combination for me. I feel great and am in great health!!

Lauryn Small

Stephanie Seban

I can say without a doubt that if it weren’t for Dr George Wong, I would not be alive today.

I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2011 at the age of 31.  I underwent multiple surgeries and was given a grim prognosis, yet followed my oncologist’s recommended course of treatment. For years I was stable until I wasn’t, as the cancer returned aggressively as an inflammatory tumor in my breast with mets to bone and lungs. I was prescribed every treatment specific to my diagnosis, none of which were working and I was told that there were no more treatment options.

With a strong will to live, I started reading and investigating alternative ways to combat this disease. Chinese Medicine was something that stood out to me and I desperately wanted to give it a try.  (Chinese Medicine has been used for thousands of years and if it weren’t effective, people wouldn’t still be implementing it all these years later). A friend gave me Dr Wong’s information and I had my first meeting with him in a matter of days. I started his teas immediately and also followed his recommendation to seek an alternate opinion from one of his former colleagues.  With nothing to lose, I went for that second opinion and through further testing and biopsy, discovered that I had been misdiagnosed and was on all of the wrong treatment for 4 years.  Dr Wong’s persistence uncovered this critical piece of my story.

Today, almost 11 years after my metastatic breast cancer diagnosis, I am alive to tell my story, and am healthy and thriving. I have continued to take Dr Wong’s teas relentlessly for the past 8 years and always seek his opinion when making critical decisions.  My once skeptical family who used to tell me to “do what the oncologist says,” now tells me, “do what Dr Wong says.”

Dr Wong has vast knowledge in both Eastern and Western medicine/modalities when it comes to treating cancer.  I have recommended countless people to him over the years.  While his approach may be “unconventional,” oftentimes seeking unconventional ways to heal paired with conventional is your best shot at survival.  I am living proof of this and am forever grateful for Dr Wong.  He is a true gift to this world and anyone who has the privilege to work with him is indeed blessed, and on the right track to achieving their best outcome.

Stephanie Seban

 General Health Issues

When I was diagnosed with lumbar osteoporosis in 2005, my endocrinologist told me my only options were bisphosphonates and Forteo, an injectable form of parathyroid hormone. Worried that I could easily fracture my spine, I tried the drugs. After six months of experimentation I gave up because of troubling side effects, At this point I asked Dr. Wong for help. HE PRESCRIBED Chinese herbs he told me had a long tradition of reversing osteoporosis. A year after starting the herbs my DEXA scan revealed I’d gained significant bone density in my arms and hips, and the deterioration in my spine had stopped, By the next year I was beginning to show increased lumbar density and the improvement in the arms and hips had continued. My endocrinologist was pleased, but could say nothing beyond, “There is no clinical evidence that Chinese herbs reverse osteoporosis.” Well, I’m one small piece of clinical evidence that they do. And I’ve had no side effects. The herbs are easy to brew and I enjoy them daily. I’d urge anyone suffering from osteoporosis to give them a try.

Steven Lawrence, Filmmaker
Brooklyn, NY

Vicky Tiel and Dr. George Y C Wong

In the year 2000, I celebrated the millennium by falling in the Paris airport when the laces of my pink platform tennis shoes got caught in the escalator and I fell on my left shoulder on the marble floor at the top of the departure lounge. After six months of Western doctors in NY working every trick on my torn rotator cuff, before operating, as I had frozen shoulder and was unable to lift my left arm to continue my couture business measuring my couture clients.

I met a Chinese client Linda Woo at Bergdorf Goodman, where I sell my dresses in New York, who begged me to visit Dr. George Wong at Strang Cancer Center. There he said he could fix my shoulder with Chinese herbal teas, that I took twice a day for three months, no operation necessary.

After the fourth month I was able to lift my arm normally and twelve years later I am perfect, nothing to remind me of my injury. I now use Chinese herbs for aging, cancer prevention, and a bout with pneumonia. My daughter in law used herbs to get herself pregnant, she did and I have two beautiful grandchildren. I write about my client La Baronesse Aimee De Herren, in my book “It’s all about the Dress”, who lived to be 103
drinking Dr. Wong’s Chinese Herbs, walking daily, and having afternoon fresh ginger tea and romance.

Vicky Tiel
Vicky Tiels’s book, “It’s All About the Dress: What I learned in Forty Years About Men Women Sex and Fashion” was published in August 2011 by St. Martin’s Press.

Elizabeth Fago and Vicky Tiel

In August of 2009 I was diagnosed with COPD. I met Dr. George Wong in June of 2009, he told me at the time that he meet with me that I had pulmonary issues, this news was devastating to me as I had no idea. He proceeded to put me on cordycep and his herbs, and a year later my COPD was gone as per the doctor that diagnosed me and I was oxygenating at 100%.

During that same time I was experiencing adrenal fatigue which caused extreme migraines and excruciating lower back pain. With his personalized prescribed herbal teas I no longer have the adrenal fatigue or the lower back pain and I rarely have a migraine.

I have never felt better in my life, people actually stop me and ask me what I am doing because they say I look so young and beautiful and my answer always is Dr. George Wong, he is a wonderful blessing to me, he changed my life.

Elizabeth Fago

Andrew Loog Oldham, original manager and producer of the Rolling Stones

Your “actual” doctors and the alternative possibilities are worse than the democrats and republicans in the american congress. They rarely admit that the other has a right to exist and a purpose to serve. It’s all too often all or nothing. Dr. George Wong is a rare gem of a difference. he crosses over with true knowledge and ease. He has been my doctor for a year. The moment I sat down with him I knew I was home. I arrived a little battered and the worse for wear; I have the rock’n roll “croix de guerre”, hep c, and my numbers and well being were awry. Dr. Wong, because of his training and medical experience knew exactly what medical possibilities my body could not handle and combined that medical knowledge and alternative medicine and the work began. we’ve been at this for just under a year. My numbers are down and for the first time ever my liver is no longer angry, no longer begging me for excess, it is at peace. the mind will follow. Thank you Dr. Wong.

Andrew Loog Oldham
Bogota, Colombia

It is with much gratitude that I write to inform you that the herbs you prescribed me have had their desired effect, and I got my first normal period in six years! Thank you for all your work, for me and my mother, and all the other people you treat. You truly are a gifted doctor, and I’m eternally grateful and indebted to you

Ithaca, NY

I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that just as you promised the cysts have disappeared and my uterus is stable. You are a miracle worker!

I wanted to tell you that since I started seeing you, my confidence in my remaining well has increased so much. This is something for which there cannot be enough thanks!

New York, NY

You had done wonders with my hot flashes which have been diminished greatly, and I do seem to be a bit sharper mentally. Now I wonder if you can do something with my libido. While the other doctors would say this is a natural result of the mental and physical pressures I have been under the last couple of years, I would l still like to do something about it if possible.

New York, NY

I completed three months of teas in September to treat an HPV infection. My most recent pap test result returned normal! My gyn advised follow up in six months.

Wappingers Fall, NY

I am continuing to do well on your herbs. I have recently had to work long hours and stay mentally focused and have been able to function in ways I would not have been able to a few months ago. I do not appear to be experiencing any negative side effects.

J Harrison
Alexandria, VA

I am doing so well!

It’s the first time in my life I didn’t get sick with bronchitis over Xmas in 40 years!!!
Thanks to you!!! Happy New Year

New York, NY

Thank you so much for the adjustment to help me sleep with the last batch. It worked wonderfully! I am feeling so much better and have caught up on my sleep. It’s amazing how awful I feel when I don’t get my rest. The formula kicked in immediately that evening and I slept most of the next two days.

You are amazing and I am thankful to have you helping me.

Take care,

Asheville, NC

I got my blood test results back for fertility and I think the herbs are magic. The number I think was surprisingly good! My FSH and estrogen were so much lower??? And my Amh was 1.5, FSH 6.9 (it was 8 a year ago) and estradiol went from 90 and 100 to 36?!!

New York, NY

I need to tell you that these herbs are amazing, after 5 days or so, my mood, my energy, my sense of well being just changed, but it has continued day after day.. I am so happy to be taking these. It is not that my life is perfect, all the regular problems are still there, but my outlook, my attitude, these are all in place and it feels like it I am so much more balanced than I have been for years ???

Jamaica Plain, Mass

Thank you for calling me today. I don’t know what I have done to deserve your devoted kindness and care. But what I do know is that you represent the genuinely good motivation of Buddhist principles in their purest sense. Tonight I feel so much lighter than when I awoke morning. It seems that I am always thanking you.

Montpelier, VA

I wanted to express my thanks for changing my life and my singing. My colleague and teacher has noticed an amazing change in my voice. I just finished a three hour rehearsal and I felt ver fresh and not tired ant not dehydrated.
Thank you again so very much,

New York, NY

Great news: I finally got my period last week for the first time in years! I know this is just such an important sign that my body is finally beginning to heal! My energy levels are really beginning to improve as well and my sleep has been holding steady. Thank you so much for all your support and it’s really making a difference.

Ridgefield, CT

Dr. George Y.C. Wong is mentioned in the following books:

1.  “Unforeseen Consequences: A Physician’s Personal Triumph Over Advanced Melanoma”, by Dr. Nicholas Steiner, who took my herbs and has survived advanced melanoma.

2.  “Lemons and Oranges”, by Maria Brennan, about her brother Carl Brennan, who was my client.

3.  “What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship, and Love”, by Carole Radziwell, about her husband Anthony Radziwell, who was my client and a cousin of John Kennedy, JR, who perished in a flight from NY to Martha’s Vineyard.

4.  “Twelve Weeks: An Artist’s Story of Cancer, Healing, and Hope” by Karen Lee Sobol, about my contribution to her successful fight against a rare blood cancer that is very difficult to cure.

5.  “Radical Remission” by Kelly A Turner, about Anne Fonfa, founder of Annie Appleseed Project, who worked with me to eventually cure herself of a stubborn recurring breast cancer.

6. “Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally” by Chris Ward, who has recommended me as an alternative practitioner in the New York area.

7. “Hope Never Dies” by Rick Shapiro, who has devoted two chapters of his books to the case studies of two of my patients.

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